Listen: “Jessica” by Luke De Sciscio

“Jessica” by Luke De Sciscio

Luke De Sciscio delivers with “Jessica” a set of ideas and words as if the track was a letter to the person who holds that name and that place in his memories. He speaks honestly and not with love but simply remembering a person who once was as close to the one as you could get. He understands the story that lies within his verses and delivers honest and even poetic sentences that speak from the heart and easily connect with us. The reason for the connection is simple, we all had a Jessica once and though the feelings are gone … the memories remain and we have to say goodbye or say something even if it’s in a letter you will never send.

The past has a way of whispering in our ears every once in a while and those people who are no longer there should take their voice and their hand away from you. It’s a hard journey but one that is needed to heal and move forward, for life is made up of the past along with the present and the unknown of the future. If you want to see the future, write a letter/song/poem to your Jessica and bid them adieu and move forward even if you don’t know what will be found. So listen carefully and enjoy this honest and human must listen gem for it is for you, for him and for those who dwell in our memories.

“I sat down to write you a letter
had some things to get off of my chest
felt very strange messaging you haven’t had contact in many years
like when I hear the word, Jessica”

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