Remix it: “Just Call” by Prince Fox ft. Bella Thorne (Max Styler Remix)

Prince Fox ft. Bella Thorne X Max Styler

Musical monster Max Styler takes a catchy, honest and refreshing indie pop gem by Prince Fox featuring singer/actress Bella Thorne and gives it his own spin. The track just drops into your lap and it is pure electricity and allows the lyrics and vibe of the original to remain. His take on “Just Call” respects what was done but at the same time plays with it and has fun bringing in his own energy. I love that he really lets the lyrics speak and continue with the story of the original as the track connects with listeners because well we’ve been there (no matter what you say you know is true). The situation is familiar and his beats and tunes give it a nice soundscape to simply break free and dive into his world and their world. So listen, enjoy and make sure to add this amazing remix and the original to all your playlists.

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