Listen: “Turn you, Baby” by Margot Polo

“Turn you, Baby” by Margot Polo

“Turn you, baby” is another amazing gem by an artist who is quickly becoming one of my favorites … you already know him (if you don’t, you definitely should), he is Margot Polo! The talented singer/songwriter/force of nature and complete embodiment of music takes music and lyrics and sets them on fire creating a soundscape that is unique, refreshing and surely out of this world. The melody is spooky, electric and simply so perfect to walk to the nearest dance floor and make it yours. The song is what indie pop is meant to be, it has nice touches of retro vibes while still remaining so modern and so ready to pull you in from the very first second. Plus his voice is perfectly complimented by Becky Filip’s beautiful and mesmerizing vocals which adds the cherry on top of an already wonderful musical creation. Know this, once the track ends you can’t help it to just want to just listen to it again, your hand will move on its own and press play once more. Enjoy!

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