Listen: “Clotho” by Willolux

“Clotho” by Willolux

Canadian singer/songwriter Kristina Emmott aka Willolux delivers a unique and haunting must listen gem with her latest single “Clotho”. The talented artist takes inspiration from life, fate and Greek mythology since the name of the track is actually the Greek goddess who manipulated human lives by spinning thread. She embodies all of us and our quest in this unknown realm in which we dwell, she represents our search and our disagreement with life and fate. She is a quiet rebel who wants to step away from the path set and asks the goddess to let go of her thread and let her control it and spin it as she sees fit. We are her, for we want that freedom and that control over our own fates. Beautiful, mesmerizing and truly out of this world – Thank you Kristina for a gem worth enjoying and listening over and over again.

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