New Music Alert: “Parachute” by Arms Akimbo

“Parachute” by Arms Akimbo

Arms Akimbo you pamper this wolf too much, always an amazing gem that is capable of standing on its own and delivering a magnificent soundscape. “Parachute” just comes in with guns blazing and lyrics that we can embrace and connect with. They understand that at times there’s too much going on and emotions arise and there’s not enough to simply let it all out and feels as if you were going to war. They know that life has those moments and they deliver a song that understands it and makes it so relatable, refreshing and just out of this world amazing. The Los Angeles based indie rock band always gives us songs that speak to the youth but also manage to not alienate itself from the rest of the world as we can also find a bit of ourselves in his lyrics. So listen, enjoy and fall for this amazing new music alert from a band bound for greatness.

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