“The video circles around the emotional pull of the female situation, in which the overwhelming preference of men (whether secretly wished for or acutely) demands an innocent nymph type avatar. The zero-gravity pouting is swished about until it gets a bit boring (naturally, even to the taskmaster). Something more provocatively self-destructive creeps in, and personas start to smoke out from the woman like a recently dropped ghost-buster trap. Each being is hatched as the compliance becomes more tacitly sarcastic, resented, rebelled against, enjoyed, all mixed up and displaced in each of the supposed worlds each contingent inhabits” – Sammy Patterson (1/2 of directing pair)

Daniel Peterson

Australian singer/songwriter Daniel Peterson delivers one of the most visually and musically captivating music videos you’ll ever see with the gem for his track “Forfeit”. He joined up with an amazing team made up of talented individuals and an actress capable of becoming a chameleon. This gem is just so refreshing, powerful and without a doubt one of a kind in every aspect as it delivers a soundscape that is a pleasure to hear. Daniel allows the visuals to embrace his lyrics and together they deliver a combo worthy of the books as it is in my opinion a masterpiece. The colors, the visuals, the camera work and you have Pip Phillips hypnotizing you as soon as the video begins and we surrender ourselves to her and the magic and control of her body and her movements as she takes different personas throughout this gem. So close your mouth (I know you are in awe) and enter the world he has created along with Sammy, Alexandra, Pip, William, Carl and Andrew. Enjoy!

The team behind the video:

Directors: Sammy Patterson & Alexandra Cameron

Star: Pip Phillips

Photography: William Conolly

Editor: Carl Peck

Colourist: Andrew Cloke

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