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Music Video Recommendation: “Laces” by Roni V

“All I ever really wanted
Is for you to hold my thoughts and
Bend over tie my laces
Zip my heart and start the chase of
Consuming art of lying to ourselves”

Roni V

Tel Aviv based artist Roni V (RNV) delivers an electric, haunting and utterly mesmerizing showcase of melodies, visuals and emotions with her music video for her gem “Laces”. The talented songstress delivers verses that are coquettish and melodies that are strangely relaxing but filled with an electric energy that is refreshing to find. She has managed to find a way to both sooth us and drive us crazy at the same time as we are simply hypnotized by the beauty and power of her voice. She dances around each word and around us as the soundscape unfold in front of our eyes and pulls us in without hesitation. The track is an indie pop must listen that holds small doses of rock and electronica making it stand out in the crowded genre ensuring a need to listen from us. Enjoy!

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