Listen: “On the Run” by Kristian Grostad

“On the Run” by Kristian Grostad

Norwegian singer/songwriter Kristian Grostad delivers a smooth, acoustic and inviting indie pop tune with his latest single “On the run”. The song has something about it that simply clicks and makes us feel at home and that’s a unique charm to have. Kristian evokes a certain honesty, humanity and that unique unknown that makes him one of those solo artists that you can immediately picture singing in a stage for a huge crowd. While the track might not be electric or filled with energy, it instead has a soothing and relaxing nature about it that invites us to truly listen, pay attention and enter the soundscape he has created. So listen, live in the today and enjoy this one of a kind must listen gem.

It is an ambivalent and somewhat hopeful song about being present in the here-and-now, and how it’s easier said than done.Kristian Grostad about 'On the Run'

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