Music Video Recommendation: “Blame” by Dan Bettridge

“Blame was born out of a desire to do experiment with melody and instrumentation, to try and challenge myself to write on something other than a guitar and see how my voice would fit in a different musical landscape. I also wanted to write a song with a more pop sensibility but still with very honest lyrics about my view of myself as a partner and on a larger scale, the view of someone being involved with another who is constantly on the road or often absent. It’s kind of a warning.”  – Dan Bettridge

Dan Bettridge

Singer/songwriter Dan Bettridge along with Rhys Davies from Furball Films have created a visual and musical experience that is bound to get any music lover excited. “Blame” is already a masterful indie pop track with subtle dashes of rock that speak to the listener, then you add the music video and the track goes to a level far above the rest. It is simply a complete soundscape that pulls you into the story being shown and you just can’t stop seeing where it takes you. It is lighting caught in a bottle and served to us as the finest wine you’ll ever taste. This talented artist takes careful consideration of the melodies and the lyrics and creates a story that easily captures our attention. We are able to listen to the sadness, the pain, the heartache and the warning of one who loves to the one loved. It’s a plea, a warning, a simple advice to walk away for the road is just going to get harder even when you want to give your all, your best and be someone that can be taken home to meet the parents. So listen, see, enjoy and be amazed by the sheer magnificence of both music and visuals being delivered.

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