Listen: “Summer” by Kayls

“Summer” by Kayls

Talented singer/songwriter Kayls delivers an indie pop showcase of music, lyrics and the feeling that you are listening to an artists whose name is bound to be etched in stone next to the greats of music. She dances around each verse and embraces the story that resides within this soundscape and makes it feel as if it were ours. “Summer” is an honest gem that understands the bitter sweet nature of summer and how it can translate to relationships, family and more. It’s a reminder that sometimes fate is stronger than our desires and our wants and it is a force that does not falter to our will. It is an interesting realization of our own limitations and reminds to enjoy every moment for we don’t know when the last day of summer will come. Enjoy!

Fun fact: Her debut EP Modern Savages, to be release in January, is produced by Rostrum Records’ BRÅVES

“The emotion of ‘Summer’ is a little bit bitter sweet,” Kayls explains. “It’s that song about wanting to fight off the inevitable and hold onto a moment in time for as long as possible, all the while knowing that there’s not much you can do to change the fate of the situation.”

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