Listen: “Riding Shotgun” by Kygo & Oliver Nelson ft. Bonnie McKee

“Riding Shotgun” by Kygo & Oliver Nelson ft. Bonnie McKee

What a feast of talents, sounds and complete magic that Kygo, Oliver Nelson and Bonnie McKee have served for us with their track “Riding Shotgun”. The tracks is fun, electric and inviting as it develops and unfolds while allowing Bonnie’s voice to shine and hypnotize us. We are in complete fascination of this soundscape as it has a way of simply embracing you no matter what music genre you prefer. You don’t want to waste a second on anything else while this is playing, you just want to listen and let your body be taken over by the music that your speakers are booming. So while I would like to write more I have to stop since I already want to listen to this gem once more. So listen to it and enjoy!

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