Listen: “Love while we’re young” by Ian Colletti

“Love while we’re young” by Ian Colletti

Honestly I felt goosebumps while listening to this track, it is simply so beautiful, honest and there’s a certain charm about it that dwells in the magic of the unknown. Ian Colletti has created something beyond words with his lyrics, his melody and his passionate and approachable style. With this song, the young actor screams to the world that there’s more than meets the eye as he is one of those strange beings who caresses the arts and seems to be made of them. “Love while we’re young” is like a shooting star traversing the skies simply hypnotizing and mesmerizing all that have the pleasure of being in front of it. The artist speaks truth and speaks from deep within his heart and from there he is able to pull our humanity out into the open as we can see glimpses of our lives in his song. So listen, connect and above all enjoy this marvelous must listen gem.

Fun Fact: Ian is an actor of the hit AMC TV show ‘Preacher’ (Which also happens to be one of my favorites).

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