Music Video Recommendation: “Space” by Peakes

“When I think about ‘space’ I think about where I grew up in the Lake District. With this video I wanted to highlight the paradox of what can feel like a very claustrophobic lifestyle living in a small rural town compared with the expansive landscape surrounding you. I wanted to show how tiny and insignificant we are in comparison to the vast landscape of the Lake District. With this video I was interested in subverting the image of the macho adolescent teenager and instead show a supportive, vulnerable side to their characters. I wanted the dance to show an intimacy between two young men who could otherwise be perceived as aggressive or intimidating.” – Fiona Jane Burgess


Peakes delivers another masterpiece in the form of a subtle and inviting tune that caresses our existence and the vast unknown of the world. “Space” is like a diamond discovered in a pile of rubble, shining bright and calling out your name as you are automatically pulled to it. The young and creative trio take have found a way to manage and balance their talents with such a care and passion that is invigorating and so refreshing. The track blends dashes of pop, electronica, trip hop and the one ingredient I am in love with: the magnificent unknown that differentiates the few from the many. So walk slowly and enter their soundscape for you are meant to be part of it and understand how small our problems can become when we look at the vastness of the whole beauty that is around us. We can open our eyes and smile a bit as we are in front of a realization we seldom want to see, but when served like this we do not object. Enjoy!

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