Listen: “Give in to the dark” by Jordan Mackampa

“Give in to the dark” by Jordan Mackampa

Gifted singer/songwriter Jordan Mackampa delivers a beautiful and human gem with his latest showcase of talent in “Give in to the dark”. The artist speaks to our hearts and souls and embraces us as he understands the quarrels and the stress of the daily life. He showcases the need and want we all have of a certain escape from the constant non-stop movement and the need to stop every once in a while and simply breathe and be at peace. In this wonderful song Jordan personifies all us, there’s no denying it for we all need peace in our lives at least a few seconds of the day or as he mentions…when you go to sleep. This song is without a doubt a must listen gem and another honest soundscape that is sure to embrace you and make you feel at home. Enjoy!

“Give Into The Dark’ is a confession of sorts, but with less religious attachment. I’m saying that the “real world” feels less like a dream come true and more of a nightmare. So by giving into the dark, I escape to a place where I’m at peace, giving me the chance to runaway from the war I’m fighting; even if it’s only for a moment or two.Jordan Mackampa

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