New Music Alert: “I Wonder” by Lauren Bird

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand

Lauren Bird

Talented singer/songwriter Lauren Bird delivers the third single from her debut album ‘The Inbetween’ and it is a beauty and a wonder to hear. “I wonder” is one of those subtle and honest gems that come in softly into our world and finds a way to make our hearts and souls its home. She dances delicately through the acoustic tunes and allows her voice to caress us as we are pulled into a soundscape that evokes experiences, life, love and the uncertainty of the unknown that dwells in all of it. Plus not only that, but the visuals are real and we can see ourselves in the scenes depicted for relationships have the stages see and it’s in our hands whether we mover forward or end things. Personally I think she leaves this a bit open to our interpretation as the track allows us to take the story seen where we connect with it most. So listen, enjoy and become a fan of an artist whose name will be shining bright up with the stars.

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