Listen: “Ethanol” by Lolahiko

“Ethanol” by Lolahiko

Lolahiko have been one of my favorites from their very beginning and each and every time something new is put out by them I can’t help but be amazed. This time their latest must listen gem is titled “Ethanol” and once again they give this wolf something wonderfully real and beautiful to listen to. The track dwells in a indie electro/pop realm of subtle dark undertones that deliver honest lyrics that manage to find a way directly into ears and from there touching our hearts and souls. Lauren and Ike showcase a synergy that will leave you breathless and in complete awe as this duo continues to grow and explore their very own existence and humanity through music. So if you haven’t fallen prey to their soundscape, I would recommend you put no fight and simply let yourself go into their world. Enjoy!

I have an addiction to knowing people so, so intimately and am constantly frustrated by the walls people continue to keep up, with the illusion of being open. It’s even as if we trick ourselves into thinking we are being vulnerable with lovers and friends when in actuality we are still hiding behind layers of protection. Although I know I am guilty of this, I tend to wear my insides on my sleeves and am not shy about showing people the extent of my emotional corners and weaknesses. This song is a call to lovers, to please trust that [the right] people will be gentle with the complexities of your past and your present, your shortcomings and strengths… and that on the other side of confiding, can be a beautiful oasis of really knowing someone, and feeling known. Love hard and f_ck the mystery.Lauren Marie of Lolahiko

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