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[su_quote cite=”Demo Taped”]We’re only here for a fraction of a fraction of a second when you look at the whole grand scheme. Make your fraction of a fraction count. Make someone smile, keep good energy close, and always try to bring about positive change.[/su_quote]

-What inspired the track Insecure?

I have this tendency to push romantic relationships away based on my own insecurities. Insecure is about letting those negative thoughts about yourself blind you from the truth. The truth in the song is that the person really likes me. Insecurities can blind us. They can change our perception.

-How did it feel to work with your dad on this song?

It was a great moment. When we were recording his bass parts, it all came together so easily. We talk about music a lot, but it was great to talk musically and apply it to a song.
-Recording it in a place that is filled with history and that is special to your family – How was it to record in the church?

It felt right wrapping up the song there. We recorded organ parts at my grandfather’s church. It was the last thing to go into the record which was pretty overwhelming. I was stressed out up until hearing Paul Anderson’s ideas and organ parts.

-Would you like to continue the legacy of your father and grandfather with your music? How do you think this can be done?

I definitely would like to. To be honest, I think and hope it will just shine through. That’s blood, you know? I think being honest and true to myself is the best way to go. It’s something both my father and grandfather have taught me.

-Of your upcoming EP is there a track that you just feel connected unlike any of the others? What is it about?

Most definitely! There’s actually a track about a moment in the past with my father. I have a very vivid memory of riding in the car with him and listening to music. The song is really just about that moment and how I feel it has shaped me.

-When can we expect this EP? Excited?

Very soon! It’s all wrapped up so I’m so ready for it to be out.

I’m really proud of it which feels great.

-How does it feel to know that a creation of yours is going to see the light? How was the process of taking it to this point?

It’s beautiful but also terrifying. I’m ready to release new music and show everyone what I’ve been doing. There’s also a vulnerability to it. You never know how people will receive it. I try not to think about that too much. You go crazy if you do. Making this EP was a journey and I’m so grateful to everyone that made it possible.

-Any live show experience that has stayed with you ever since it happened?

Once, during a show my table with all my gear on it collapsed. It was crazy. Someone in the crowd near the front helped me catch it. We got the table back up, but everything had been disconnected so it took awhile to get going again. Everyone in the audience was really cool about it. After that, I played the rest of my set and people were singing along. That was the first time that had ever happened. It was really special. All love to Ghent, Belgium.

-When it comes to songwriting, where do you get your inspiration from the most?

Before I get into writing, I try to write down all the questions and ideas I have in that moment in time. I narrow it down to the thing that I feel the most and start to write about that.

-Best place to sit and write some music?

Anywhere outdoors. There are a lot of great parks in Georgia that I go to. My back porch is always great.

-Artists that inspire/motivate you?

George Clinton, Junie Morrison, Herbie Hancock, MF DOOM, Hendrix, Dylan, Bowie, etc. 🙂

-Personal mantra/philosophy that you follow as a person and artist?

Treat everyone with respect. Don’t ever trick yourself into believing you’re better than someone. We’re all equal and struggle with the human condition. I believe it’s important to recognize that we all won’t be here long. I don’t say this with sadness. We’re only here for a fraction of a fraction of a second when you look at the whole grand scheme. Make your fraction of a fraction count. Make someone smile, keep good energy close, and always try to bring about positive change.

-How would you describe your sound?(It’s open to the old school lovers and also embraces your youth which is a unique endeavor)

It’s electronic music. I use a lot of live instruments and field recordings and weird sounds, but electronic is the base.

-What must you do before any gig always?

Call my parents.

-With people listening to your music and all the positive reactions, what keeps you grounded?

You have to find the constants in your life. Family is a big one. I have a few friends that I can always go to and know they will keep everything real with me.

-10 artists that you would recommend in a heartbeat?

Steve Lacy, LCD Soundsystem, MF DOOM, NAO, Elohim, Daniel Caesar, Mura Masa, Toro y Moi, J Dilla, Curtis Mayfield.

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