Music Video Recommendation: “Faith” by Sumera

I am vulnerable. I am brutally soft. And I am powerful,” shares Sumera. “Without vulnerability, strength and independence lose every bit of their worth.”


Talented poet/artist/director/gift from the gods of music and the arts Sumera delivers a haunting and mesmerizing music video of her latest gem “Faith”. The German goddess sets your screen on fire as we are pulled into the video instantly and without putting any resistance to be honest. She carefully and passionately takes lyrics, melodies and the movements of her body to create a soundscape unlike any other, and we are in complete awe as the video unfolds. Not only are we amazed but strangely we feel as if showing our vulnerability is not as bad as society sells it. Honestly this track is empowering, inspiring and a much needed dose of reality and humanity. Listen and enjoy the latest amazing creation by an artist whose name is synonymous of unreal and vibrant talent and sound.

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