Listen: “Turn the sky gold” by Jaguar Bones

“Turn the sky gold” by Jaguar Bones

Amazing debuts are coming in hot and the latest is “Turn the sky gold” by Jaguar Bones. The guys deliver a hidden critique to the nonsense that surrounds us while proving hope and a passionate drive that could turn anyone into a fan. The track is exquisitely built and blends rock, pop and even dashes of electronica making it attractive to many if not all music lovers. There’s no turning back once you’ve heard this gem, you are instantly pull and the soundscape unfolds becoming part of your world. So dig in a get yourself a fine plate of music that is sure to put a smile on your face. Enjoy the sounds that Josh, James and Joseph have brought and be ready for waht they will bring (“Turn the sky gold” is part of theor upcoming EP, to drop early 2018).

James, Joseph and I wrote and recorded the track between Los Angeles, Malibu and Joshua Tree Desert. Moving locations while creating the song was crucial in order to organically capture the vibe we craved to share with listeners; the heart of the ocean, the soul of the desert and the chaos of the city streets. Lyrically the song speaks cryptically of the current climate and our belief in the power of love overcoming fear and turmoil. We wanted to keep the lyrics broad so listeners could find their own double entendres and envision their own stories in ours words and sounds.Josh Beech/Singer

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