Music Video Recommendation: “I will light up the sea” by Tall Blonde

“I guess the song’s about a hopeful and peaceful rampage.”

Tall Blonde

Started as many words and sentences going into many directions and then became a song that creates an ambiance and vibe that is empowering. “I will light up the sea” by Swedish indie duo Tall Blonde is one of those beautiful almost forgotten gems that could easily be a hit now. The track has a way of growing inside of you and building up a certain fire within that bursts into the world and pushes and inspires you to go out there and give your all. The guys bring hope, passion and a will to do the impossible to make dreams, goals and life fulfilling – even going to the extent of lighting up the impossible…the sea. Listen, enjoy and make sure to rejoice as the soundscape unfolds and becomes a home that allows you to dream big and be brave.

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