Listen: “Butterflies” by Daniella Mason

“Butterflies” by Daniella Mason

Indie singer/songwriter Daniella Mason has created one of the most beautiful and romantic love songs of the year with her ever-inviting track “Butterflies”. She takes the whole idea of feeling the butterflies in our stomachs when we are with someone who is beyond special to us and makes it a must listen gem. The song is set in motion by her amazing vocals and a certain charm about her singing that you can believe the story that is being created and you want a love like the one she sings of, one in which the butterflies always are fly. If you are lucky you already have it and if you are not I am sure you will, just let this gem guide you on your search and maybe just maybe that person will appear and the butterflies will awake inside of you. So listen, enjoy and be hopeful and keep your eyes open because you never know when it will happen.

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