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  • Sunbathers: Fun and inviting indie pop must listen gem that pulls you into a soundscape ready to deliver a feast for your senses instantly as the story of “Honeysuk” unfolds and takes shape for you to connect with as melodies and verses unite and create a home for you.
  • Sales: Upbeat, playful and a nice dose of pop and a dash of jazz to get the blood pumping while delivering honest lyrics that dance around the melodies and speak straight to your face without taking shortcuts while still setting a certain poetic vibe that is beautiful to hear.
  • Flapo: Flapo takes an original gem and gives it his own spin creating something out of this world with a remix for the ages that relaxes you and then gives you the right amount of electricity to pull into the dance floor and make you body move to it’s beats and tunes.
  • Pet Fangs: Sensual and hypnotizing indie pop melodies that slowly caress you making you melt into the ground and simply has something about it that relaxes your body and makes rules a little easier to break. There’s something about it that is sure to hypnotize you.
  • Clouds and Thorns: Indie folk melodies and verses that lift your spirit and invite you in with a certain warmth that makes it one of those special tracks that puts a smile in your face and makes you feel welcomed no matter what. Truly one to lift you up when you are down.
  • The Jacks: Old School rock’n’roll charm and melodies mixed with modern day indie rock lyrics and raw energy delivering verses and melodies regarding one of those girls that is out this world beautiful and trouble at the same time, those who seem to always have the guys dancing in the palm of their hands.
  • McAllister: Amazing, introspective and mature and really one of those tracks that really understands the journey that is life and the search for our identity throughout the years and the experiences that become part of u. This band from Texas has something special and you must listen to what they have to say.
  • Laura Rizzotto: Laura is an embodiment of all of us at one time in this must listen track, she creates a story of getting dangerously close to falling in love with someone whose red flags are clear to see. She wants to prevent this, but some times it’s just too hard. Will she fall or her white flag be seen?
  • Joel Porter: Singer/songwriter Joel Porter delivers a haunting and honest track with this gem, he embraces the limits of humanity and the need for help in a way that touches the listener instantly for we clearly understand the pain that dwells in him.
  • Freevo: Uplifting vocals that beautifully harmonize and also give each other room to shine and connect with the lyrics and the listeners on a deeper and personal level while traversing tunes made up of electronica and pop making for a hit in my opinion.

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