“Music is the universal language of mankind.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Envy is my sin” by Agata Karczewska

Polish indie folk singer/songwriter Agata Karczewska delivers a truly special and honest track with her gem “Envy is my sin”. Also, the track goes perfectly hand in hand with the visuals delivered in the music video (masterfully directed by Magdalena Sobolska) and that makes it one of a kind complete experience. The verses ring true and speak from the heart and the weakness of the human condition as it explores the 7 deadly sins landing in the one most of us relate to. Envy is not only her sin but sadly the sin of most as we cannot help but look at the sides and see what’s going in everyone else’s lives. It is the reason for the existence of the now normal internet trolls who only bash on others behind a screen without ever putting their face out there. It’s the reason why people tell musicians, actors and anyone famous to shut up and stay out of politics or anything else for that matter since apparently having money and/or fame immediately takes away that liberty that belongs to everyone. Envy is a sin that dances around us all and dangles the successes of others when we should simply search for ours.

Wonderfully written and perfectly executed visually, this song is truly one of those that mesmerizes and pulls the listener in an instant. Listen, enjoy and just fall in love with her hypnotizing voice.

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