Music Video Recommendation: “Happy” by Danielle Deckard

“would that make me happy?”

Danielle Deckard

Sydney based singer/songwriter Danielle Deckard touches her heart and delivers an honest and beautiful track in her latest creation “Happy”. The young artist explores her life and the situations that come and go through it, she understands the never ending question that comes with dreams and giving up on them: “…would that make me happy?”. She as well as I understand that it is easier to give up on everything, but we will always wonder what could have been if we do and if the path chosen instead does make us happy. She is being brave and taking steps to make music her life, she could easily let it all go and not pursue it but she understand that music is what makes her happy. Just like writing about her music and the many artists that thankfully have inspired each and every post I have shared make me happy (more than 1000 in the year and half of existence of Wolf in a Suit). You could wonder and if the answer is yes then you should not have any regrets, but if you come up blank then maybe you should not give just yet. Listen, be inspired and search for your own version of being happy. Enjoy!

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