“Shot in Forest Falls near Jake’s hometown in Southern California, the video features band cameos and bucket loads of UV paint, as it attempts to visualize the internal struggle born out of a person’s desire to part from what’s familiar in search of uncharted experience.”

Leather Tramp

Talented indie folk collective Leather Tramp deliver a visually and musically mesmerizing creation with their track “Antler Knife”. The ensemble unite all the instruments and the soundscape is beautifully set in motion, but it’s give an edge with the honest and inviting lyrics. They aim to understand people, growing up and the search to step out of the comfort zone in order to explore something new. They are able to connect all the dots and truly deliver a full experience for the senses with the combination of music and the colorful imagery of the video. The track understands the pain and the struggle of this quest and also wants more of you because you can give more. Honestly the track has a way of inspiring you to go beyond, to push your buttons and to give a little push to explore the unknown. So listen, enjoy and take a step outside of you comfort zone.

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