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“Pieces of Me” by L

Indie Singer/songwriter L delivers with “Pieces of Me” the most amazing and empowering break up song that every man and woman should turn into their anthem if they find themselves in that situation. It reminds you what you are worth and how perfect you are with your imperfections and all because those define you and you are no weak link. You are a king or a queen and you should always remember that the person who will regret it is the other one, let the past go and embrace the present and be in the lookout for what the future holds. While the song begins a bit nostalgic and as if it was remembering what was there, it changes and embraces the moving on and lets the other person know that this is a little F U to them. Of course the song is not an excuse if you did wrong, you should learn and grown if that’s the case. So if you find yourself broken-hearted and sad, listen toi this gem and pick yourself up as you enjoy this wonderful soundscape.

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