New Music Alert: “Thinking of You” by PLYA

“Thinking of You” by PLYA

You knew them as Sykes, but you will love them forever under their new name PLYA (pronouced playa which means beach in Spanish). They make their official debut under their new flag with their must listen indie pop gem “Thinking of You”. This gem is one of those that hits the heart and connects with listeners in such ease that it is surreal to even think about. The track speaks of love, missing and need of a special someone who just makes you feel something right were it counts. Julia showcases her amazing and emotion filled vocals that blend beautifully with the soundscape she creates along with Kristian and Will. Together they make this song showcase a story that can be vividly seen through our imagination and we are in love withe the beauty, the honesty and the understanding of the need, the pain and love. Listen to this song, enjoy the sound and make sure to keep track of a band that is sure to turn heads.

Thinking Of You’ was inspired by the bitter sweet feeling of being separated from someone you have a fiery connection with. Sonically, it’s the perfect way to introduce the band – driving guitars and cinematic synths coupled with lyrics that lie on the darker side of reality.Julia Sykes / Vocals

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