Music Video Recommendation: “Burning” by Mitch King

“You don’t need to be a preacher or a sinner
Just a neutral man with love in heart
Storms are clearing more than before now
And your conscious mind is ascending above”

Mitch King

Nomadic Australian indie folk singer/songwriter Mitch King delivers a heartfelt and inspiring gem with his latest single “Burning”. And also along with the marvel of his soundscape he brings a video that showcases visuals that are awe inspiring and completely beautiful. Inspired by life on the road (literally on the road as he sleeps on his van) he embraces all the beauty he sees, his experiences and life itself and with that creates a must listen gem. This indie folk track carries melodies and vocals that alone are a marvel to find, then you add the lyrics and it is just out of this world. One cannot help but feel motivated and pushed to really think about the life we are living and where we aim to go. He is truly one of those few storytellers touched by the fire that burns bright and is able to stir something in others. So I invite you to listen and really take this song and make it yours. Enjoy!

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