Listen: “Electric Dreams” by Kissy

“Electric Dreams” by Kissy

Uff can you feel that? …the goosebumps surging through the little hairs in your arms and filling you with a certain necessity. That necessity is of more of Kissy and her marvelous “Electric Dreams” that are sure to fill you up with life, passion and more. This talented indie pop songstress has created something special with this one of a kind soundscape that makes music lovers jump in joy. She takes well written lyrics and unites them with catchy melodies and together they set emotions on fire and we are like moths to the flame …unable to walk away from what she has created. The track is honestly a beauty and has a way of making you feel brave and ready to take on the world any day, any time and for any reason. So listen to this song bound to become an anthem and be brave, stand tall and of course enjoy the ride.

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