Cover: “Feel Good Inc” by Luca Stricagnoli

“Feel Good Inc” by Luca Stricagnoli

You might have already seen this/hear this, but I just had to share it. I mean a full instrumental cover of one my favorite tracks by Gorillaz I just can’t turn a blind eye. Say hello to the Italian maestro Luca Stricagnoli and his take on “Feel Good Inc” that is bound to hypnotize and mesmerize you. In case you are wondering where to get that unique guitar by the way … you can’t. Luca made that Three neck monstrosity of a guitar to be able to play the chords, vocal-line, bass-line and even the drums & percussion at the same time (yeah that’s crazy, but he did it). His take is so clean, so unique and honestly so refreshing as an instrumental cover that you have to give the guy props (it might be why this video has already gone viral). So what else can I say but simply invite you to listen and enjoy this must listen gem.

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Original by Gorillaz