Music Video Recommendation: “River” by BAER

“I started writing this song when I took a solo trip to Ojai last summer. I was hiking up Meditation Mount, and when I reached the top and stared down at the vast scenery, with all these grand mountains and fields of green, I just had this sudden humbling realization that we are all part of something that is so much bigger than us, and that no matter what happens today, or tomorrow, or what happened five years ago, everything keeps moving and karma will eventually solve everything. So often, we focus our energy on the smallest, pettiest details and miss out on what’s really important in life. When did we stop loving? When did we stop believing, stop dreaming? I hope this song will urge people to live their best, to their fullest potential, so we all move the world in a positive direction” – BAER


Open your eyes to a feast of colors, scenery and a songstress whose beauty is mesmerizing. She opens her mouth and her voice flows beautifully encompassing our senses fully and we’ve lost control of ourselves. BAER takes full control of each verse and she breathes life into the unknown and we are captured by the lyrics and the melodies becoming hypnotized by the soundscape. She takes careful consideration of each part and adds them all together creating a song or better yet an anthem for the modern music lovers. Indie electro pop perfection set right in front of us as a gift meant for gods but thankfully we are allowed in and we can listen. “River” is one of those special tracks that revitalizes the soul, the body and gives you a surge of energy that is needed any day, any moment and always. She is another one of those special artists that is capable of becoming an instant favorite, and she definitely has. So fall in love with that voice, be hypnotized by that face and be mesmerized by the honesty, maturity and magic of this song.

Come my friend for now you and I are bound together in love with BAER and that “River” that can be heard, felt and seen thanks to her. Enjoy!

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