Music Video Recommendation: “Riot” by Leslie Clio

“Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” – Leonard Bernstein

Leslie Clio

German singer/songwriter Leslie Clio comes out with a music video for her track “Riot” that is visually and musically beyond amazing. She bursts into front and center in the video and we are welcomed by a festival of colors that flicker beautifully as they hypnotize us. From our eyes being hypnotize we then get the melody and we are in awe of the soulful pop that evokes from her voice and the verses that capture our very existence in an instant. She takes control of the soundscape she has created with an ease that is otherworldly and we are hooked within seconds. Just listen to the powerful verses and the way they take shape and form, they are simply invigorating and inspiring. So listen up and truly pay attention to an artist that is here to conquer the world. Enjoy!

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