Listen: “I miss that feeling” by Tennis

“I miss that feeling” by Tennis

Let me tell you a little secret…I am huge fan of Tennis and their eclectic and charming retro indie pop sound that is just exquisite. They take this unique sound and added the lyrics and created a gem that is titled “I miss that feeling”. Isn’t it something else, something amazing and just out of this world? I believe it is and this husband and wife duo have caught lighting in a bottle once more. The track seems to transport us to a different realm, a realm that brings the charm of the 60’s & 70’s into our modern time and it is just wonderful. Just listen to Alaina’s voice and you are immediately hypnotized and then together with her husband Patrick they make a soundscape that is bound to be eternal. Listen and enjoy a track that is certainly meant to be played over and over again.

“I can be true to you, even when losing
Every little thing I’ve ever known
And all of the love I’ve ever show
Something like pleasure you’d never believe in
Every little need dismantling
Recorded by the needle of an EKG”

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