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“Cover me” by Lyves

Talented singer/songwriter Lyves delivers a truly beautiful and honest must listen gem with her latest single “Cover Me”. She enter the reality of love and relationship and does not dwell in fantasies of perfection. She instead understand that love takes work and at time is a battle between your individuality and being part of something. The need to be free and the need for warmth and security by somebody’s side are real and she sees this and allows us to raise our hand and tell her we do too. The song is most welcomed as it allows the listener the connect on a different level, to know that we are not strange for having this battle. It’s a normal thing of the human spirit to have this tug and pull, it’s in us also to decide if a person is worth the stay. And who knows, maybe just maybe you can find your independence by a special someone’s side. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Lyves”]I wrote ‘Cover Me’ around 3 years ago, but it ended up as a lost, unfinished demo until I came across it again by accident this year while writing in Devon. Hearing it after so long re-ignited how I first felt writing it and led me to finish the song. I feel the song speaks about the tug and pull in relationships – that internal conflict that can arise between wanting stability and security vs independence.[/su_quote]

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