Theresa Jarvis – Vocals
George Edwards – Guitar
Alex Crosby – Bass/Keys
Robert Mason – Drums

From Brighton comes a band with a name that is meant to go into the books and an EP that is sure to become a classic. Together Theresa, George, Alex and Robert have created one of the best and most rock filled EPs to have come into the market and it truly is an ass-kicking beauty of power, energy and music. Yonaka had already become a favorite of mine from the first time I heard them, but then this EP took them to a spot that is close to my top 5 and I am not surprised. I mean just listen to it and you can’t help but be hypnotize by Theresa’s voice and then the guys pack a powerful and melodious soundscape for her to run wild and free making each song a unique and breathtaking experience. So just sit tight and listen to the raw and electric beauty that are: “Heavy”, “Bubblegum”, “Run”, “Gods & Lovers” and “All in my head”.

“Zip up your mouth and leave
You brought nothing to me but grief
You want to turn a leaf
You’re a wannabe wannabe wannabe man”

‘Heavy’ is hands down one of the best compilations of music to have come from the UK this year. The EP is an amazing showcase of talent, vocal range, energy and that special unknown that we always search for in music. It is one of the best ways to tell the world that there’s a new band in town and they are here to drink tea and kick ass (and they are already out of tea). So raise your glasses, drink up and get ready for the ride that is…YONAKA.

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The tracks…

Bubblegum: In your face honesty delivered with a youthful energy that is invigorating and motivates you to speak up and speak loud.

Run: Pick up your pace and run into the wild and unknown of the city that unfolds in front of you, pack this song directly into your ears and scream it out.

All in my head: Old school and methodically set in motion in a way that embraces Theresa’s range and the beauty of love, youth and rebellion.

Gods & Lovers: Janis Joplin reborn and then you add a mastery in the instruments creating a symbolic and mesmerizing anthem that fills you up with power.

Heavy: Hypnotically beautiful and charms you like if you were the snake being moved by the sound of the flute without any control of yourself.




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