Music Video Recommendation: “The Tube” by Ailbhe Reddy

“The Tube is a song about having no explanation good enough for someone, so the only thing I had left to offer was the small gesture of walking them to the nearest tube station” says Ailbhe.It’s a song about struggling to express yourself properly to someone, which I think is probably pretty universal.”

Ailbhe Reddy

Irish singer/songwriter Ailbhe Reddy makes her first landing in Wolf in a Suit with a track that is out of this world and just so amazing. “The tube” is one of those few gems that comes from the heart, soul and experiences of the artist and manages to land exactly where it needs to inside of us. She takes something real and personal and shares it in a way that we can easily embrace it for we know what she is telling us. We understand completely as we too have found ourselves unable to explain our feelings and only providing a small gesture, in this case of a last goodbye. The visuals of the video are also one of a kind and could easily become a short film or who knows …maybe a film. The story shows the beginning, the in between and the end in which they both ride the tube one last time. So dive into the indie folk/pop realm of Ailbhe and become a fan as I have of an artist who is sure to take the world by storm. Enjoy!

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