Listen: “My Own ceiling” by Luna Pines

“My Own ceiling” by Luna Pines

Leeds Based indie electropop trio Luna Pines deliver a must listen gem of honesty, growth and fear with “My own ceiling”. The talented all-female band open up their hearts and souls and show an approachability that is even scary at times, as they letting us completely in with their lyrics and the melody. They invite us to see and know that we are not alone in this search of ours for our identity, or love, our strength and to know that the pain felt is not our alone to live. They caress us and whisper softly in our ears “I understand” and with that we are brought from tears to a sudden smile. This gem is truth made music and I love how powerful it is while being soft and inviting. It reminds us that only we are in charge of our lives, we set our own ceiling and we choose who we let into our lives and even our hearts. Listen and enjoy this amazing track!

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