Listen: “I wanna dance with you again” by Band of Gold

“I wanna dance with you again” by Band of Gold

From Oslo, Norway come Band of Gold and their must listen gem “I wanna dance with you again”. This latest single by the talented duo carries a certain retro charm and sound that seems to connect so easily with today’s listeners and that is simply so amazing to see. They let their lyrics and their melodies come together into an eclectic and mesmerizing indie pop soundscape that takes certain touches of old school rock to give it a unique and hypnotizing feel that takes them above the rest. There’s no going wrong with this gem, as the song creates a story of love, heartache and missing someone who is far away but at the same time so close as if they were across the dance floor and you are just looking and wanting to approach them once more. Will you be brave and ask for a dance once again or will you let someone else take the chance and take that dance into their lives? Only you know the answer to this question, so take this track and make it your soundtrack for maybe as it speaks to you an answer will come. Enjoy!

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