Music Video Recommendation: “It’s Over” by ANML

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love” – Mother Teresa


Originally from Toronto and now based in Los Angeles, say hello to Lila Rose aka ANML and her latest amazing music video for “It’s Over”. She takes a unique and different approach than most and does an interview style video inviting different women to reveal their strength and truth in the aftermath of a break-up. It’s so real, so human and you are bound to be touched by the stories, the reactions and the emotions that take over them as the video evolves. Lila is magnificently focused on truth and what happens to people, she does not sugar coat what has happened and let’s them be themselves just as she is herself in her lyrics. Honestly the combination of both song and music video is perfectly powerful, mesmerizing and inspiring because we have all found ourselves in the spot of those brave women and as them we moved forward. Thank you wonderful and powerful ladies for letting us into your stories, your lives and I for one am extremely honored to not only listen and see but to be given the chance to write about this one of a kind song/music video. Bravo ANML, bravo ladies, bravo you who reads this for being brave and for standing tall. So listen, enjoy and take this gem and make it yours, scream it out load as an anthem for your life.

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