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Music Video Recommendation: “Chains” by Angela Parrish

“I’m not the person doing back-flips and cartwheels onstage, rather I want to pull listeners in by creating an atmosphere and a feeling.” – Angela Parrish

Angela Parrish

Angela Parrish delivers a completely beautiful song with “Chains” and a music video that is equally beautiful and mesmerizing. She creates a story with each sentence and made sure it translated to the world that is created withing the visuals, together all of this makes for a soundscape that is surely a must for music lovers. The video is hypnotizing as you become invested in what you see from the very first second and you click with the complexity of the love shown as you know love is not an easy ride but one with ups and downs and side to side. She partners up with the talented dancer Reshma Gajjar (the “girl in the yellow dress” from the hit film ‘La La Land’) and together they breath an inspiring life to her track. They embrace a certain magic together that allowed Angela to be the singing voice for Reshma in the film.

So listen, see and really dive into the beauty of each emotion shown and become a fan of both singer and dancer as I have.

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