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Indie Music Mixtape 20

Artist: RA RA RUBY

Song: I need a woman

Why? Now that’s what I call indie rock that hits the spot, this talented trio have the unknown “it” and it is certainly felt throughout this whole must listen gem. The vocals take feelings, emotions and the lyrics and find a home within the melodies creating a soundscape that pulls you in without any hesitation and doubt. It’s old school but also packs a refreshing vibe about it that makes them a contender in the indie rock scene. 

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Artist: MagnusTheMagnus ft. Kiddo

Song: Calling

Why? What an amazing combination of beats, tunes and voice that is special and mesmerizing in it’s electric charm. “Calling” is one of those songs that just plays in any place and you have to get up and do something with your body because it fill you with a certain dose of energy that needed. The track is simply one of a kind amazing and completely a must listen. 

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Artist: Royal & the serpent

Song: Temperance

Why? Can you hear it in her voice? the way she takes each word and gives it fire as she roars and we are in awe of the beauty, the unknown and the inexplicable magic that is felt in her control and her delivery. This song is honestly pure, raw and simply so real in it’s humanity and the experiences that inspired it. Keep tabs on this artists because this name will mark the years to come.

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Artist: Joseph and Maia

Song: Standing by you

Why? Joseph and Maia from New Zealand deliver a song that is sure to touch your heart, your soul and something inside of you. They create a story of hope, trust, fear, love and many more emotions that can be felt in the verses of “Standing by you”. The track is surely one of the best you will hear as it is real, honest and I personally feel comes from a place of truth and that is why we can connect with it with such ease.

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Artist: Tourist Club

Song: Light my way

Why? Soothing electropop melodies that traverse through the airwaves landing directly inside of us and providing a sense of hope and moving forward. The track is beautiful, inviting and in a way personal even to the listener and reminds us of the things in life that are a damn and the people that truly bring a light everytime they are around us. 

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Artist: Asher Monroe

Song: Hurricane

Why? Asher takes you by storm and deliver an indie pop gem that does not care about your needs, but delivers them any way. Just like the person that inspired the lyrics, he comes in like a hurricane and pulls into his soundscape and we understand him because we have in the presence of those women/men who simply enter your life and you know it’s going to be a mess, but you still want in.

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Artist: Rachel Bearinger

Song: Colors

Why? Colors and emotions certainly have a tendency to dance together and connect in a way that feels natural not only to them to us. Like green has a strange way of being both greed and hope, red can be anger and lust and some many share a strange duality that is both confusing and mesmerizing. Plus you get Rachel’s voice to set the mood and you are hooked to this must listen gem.

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Artist: Joe Fiddle

Song: Crumbles on the Stoney Path

Why? Old school classic indie folk that has something special that is brought by Joe Fiddle’s voice that simply capture the storytelling while also bringing a bit of a rock charm into the mix. Simply put, your imagination will come each verse, each sentence and the melody for it will created a soundscape that you can almost touch, see and feel.

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Artist: Midnight Ambassador

Song: Black & Blue

Why? Solo indie artist Midnight Ambassador deliver a refreshing and electric indie pop single that blends the known of pop with the unknown and refreshing of while blending a bit jazz and electronica in it. He plays with words and creates a story that could happen to you, him or anyone and we click with the soundscape because of this. So listen to how his voice dances around the sounds and together they create a must listen indie gem for the modern masses. 

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Artist: Night Bird

Song: Broken Wings

Why? Alternative indie rock that comes to us straight from the eclectic and electric country of France. Solo artist Night Bird delivers a certainly haunting track that has a bit of pop mixed in with the rock giving it a unique and refreshing touch that makes music lovers smile in joy. So enter his realm and just enjoy some good old music. 

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