New Music Alert: “Close your eyes” by The Midnight Club

“Close your eyes” by The Midnight Club

What have I done to deserve to listen to such an amazing debut single? I must have done something in a past life and The Midnight Club are rewarding me with their amazing single “Close your eyes”. The track is utter perfection and has a charm about it that reminds me of Panic! at the Disco and Queen while keeping a uniqueness and refreshing blend about them that is most welcomed and necessary. The guys blend a retro sound with modern soaring guitars and bring it all together with melodic vocals that embrace each sentence and gives them life for us to enjoy. Honestly there’s no going wrong here, this track has it all to not only be a must listen gem but an anthem for today’s youth. The stars must have been aligned when they met in high-school because their talent is filled with the magic of the unknown that differentiates the few from the many. So stand up people and clap your hands for a band that most likely has already entered the realm of your favorites (I know they have for me). Enjoy!

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