Indie Folk

Music Video Recommendation: “Northern Lights” by This Pale Fire

“Music washes away the dust of every day life” – Art Blakey

This Pale Fire

This Pale Fire delivers a haunting and thought provoking indie folk single with “Northern Lights” and it truly is something to be heard. This talented singer/songwriter from New Zealand takes a look at his heart, his story and within his quest we find a reflection of our souls and we are grounded. We find without seeking a soundscape that not only houses his voice but also our souls as we also want to see them northern lights from afar. We feel invigorated and valiant once more as we are hypnotized by the visuals and what is share in it. He understands loneliness, pain and pushing yourself to do something more than what is normal and aim to leave a mark. Thus the beauty of both lyrics and melody remind us that when we are alone we are not lost, we simply need to look up and find the signs. So remember as he signs in this must listen gem …“I will take the road less taken”…for there you will find your glory and the reward for your effort. Enjoy!

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