Premiere: “Right love, Wrong time” by Erin Bloomer

“Right love, Wrong time” by Erin Bloomer

Young singer/songwriter Erin Bloomer delivers a magnificent indie pop track that plays with the melody as it houses verses that click with us and makes us remember our first love. “Right love, Wrong time” talks about being young, falling in love and wanting so much more but being told it is just too soon to get real and get serious. We don’t want to listen and we just want to live in a world where everything can be just right but sadly it’s not always like that so we listen and we learn. If it’s meant to be it will become real no matter the time that must be waited until we reach the right moment. Most of the time we learn to see that the love we thought was real was as wrong as the time, but a few do find the right one that is worth waiting for the right time. Did you find the right one? or was is wrong like most of us find when young? Who knows, only you do. So while we reminisce let’s us enjoy a wonderful musical gem by a young talent who is sure to take the world by storm.

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