New Music Alert: “Strangers” by The Ramona Flowers

“Strangers” by The Ramona Flowers

The Ramona Flowers bring with “Strangers” the perfect track for an adventure into night with no plans, no goals and just an open mind ready to see what’s to come. You see a bar/nightclub and you go in, you smile and you laugh and then out of nowhere you meet eyes with someone that mesmerizes you in an instant. Is it love? is it lust? or is it that sparkle of the unknown that the night sometimes brings on. It’s a perfect moment, this song is playing in the background and you just want it on repeat.

This amazing must listen gem inspired that short narrative and not only that but it also made want to dance a bit …I think I will after I finish writing this. So listen, enjoy, get those dancing feet to do what they do best and fall in love with the latest soundscape from this amazing band.

‘Strangers’ is written about that special feeling you get when you first meet someone and wishing that you could relive that over and over again. Ironically, this was a rare song where we wrote it collectively as a band, but nobody was in the same room at the same time. We just all knew the vibe instantly, but it was a bit like we were strangers.Steve Bird/Lead Singer

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