Listen: “Reach” by Sonata Kay ft. NOVO

“Reach” by Sonata Kay ft. NOVO

Sonata Kay and Novo deliver one beautiful and amazing coming of age/growing up track with “Reach” that is sure to inspire and motivate. They set the right mood with an arrangement that plays the transitions perfectly while blending pop with slight dashes of electronica that allow Sonata’s voice to burst into the scene and guide us through each verse. Honestly the song is beautifully written and embraces the individuality of both artists while also inspiring ours to shine. The lyrics are beautifully written and deliver a soundscape that is both intoxicating and mesmerizing while letting us know that our demons are not to be feared or to control us. So my friends listen to an amazing song, enjoy this wonderful must listen gem and if possible grow a little more thanks to it.

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