Listen: “The Wave” by Elohim

“The Wave” by Elohim

Oh Elohim you beautiful and talented singer/songwriter/producer/all around force of nature I must say before anything : “Thank you for such an amazing track to listen to”. The LA-Based artist takes the world by storm with her latest gem “The Wave” and she showcases an expansive and inviting soundscape that is mesmerizing, playful and all around pure greatness. The track blends pop and electronica in a unique and refreshing way that knows how to pull you in within seconds and you just don’t want to leave after that. There’s something magical and truly deserving of being categorized within that special unknown that differentiates the few from the many that she is certainly a part of. So listen, enjoy and just dance, relax and let the music do all the talking as it invades your senses.

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