Listen: “Lion” by SomeKindaWonderful

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Listen: "Lion" by SomeKindaWonderful

“Lion” by SomeKindaWonderful

Jordy Towers & Nicolai Potthoff unite their talents and give SomeKindaWonderful a new fire to breath in and to explode into music with something amazing. Their latest track “Lion” starts with a soft acoustic guitar that then gets a soft voice added to accompany it…and it goes on for a bit until out of nowhere the lion roars and it is mesmerizing. The track builds up beautifully ensuring each verse and transition is felt and delivers the lyrics with a steady hand right for our senses to fall into. Jordy’s voice and the arrangement created by Nicolai and him is without a doubt one of the best and houses the verses with just the right touch. The embrace growing up and maturing but never loosing the curiosity, the vibrant fire of the heart and the will to always push forward and always give the best available and then more. So listen, enjoy and never loose the spark from your heart.

I’m getting older and I’m starting to feel my mortality in everything I see. The seasons are changing but I know that in my heart I’m a soldier and I’m forever young and curious in my heart.Jordy Towers about 'Lion'

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