Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XLIX

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  • Katie Herzig: Katie delivers a truly beautiful and inspiring track with her latest single and she brings a much needed positivism to music and to life in general, plus the track is completely perfect and so catchy while sharing a blend of maturity and playfulness.
  • George Glew: Powerful vocals that can easily transition from a peaceful touch to an immediate dash of energy that is invigorating and amazing to hear as the lyrics go hand in hand with this transitions making the soundscape truly hypnotizing.
  • Dylan Rockoff: There’s something so…sexy in the melody and the lyrics of this track and it is just so refreshing to hear and it is done so right as it delivers the slowly burning fire that can lead to moments… well you know what moments don’t you?
  • Rorie: Cinematic indie pop soundscape that houses verses that hit deep and hit true while being delivered by a voice that is mesmerizing and full of emotions and a story that can be felt as ours – fall in love with the verses, the melody and that unknown that exudes from Rorie.
  • MEIIO: From Canada to the world comes MEIIO and this amazing indie pop gem that is simply titled “Alone” – listen and connect for the guys speak from the heart, life and the emotions that may lead to the feeling of being alone after being part of something more than being one.
  • Dream Harlowe: Talented singer/songwriter who dwells in an ethereal real where the inexplicable and real life come together creating a song that is utterly haunting and so touching and real as it develops and takes shape enveloping our senses completely.
  • KINGZMN ft. Layla Mora: Catchy electronica housing a magnificent singer and her voice to create a full experience for music lovers in the way it unites beats and tunes with verses and emotions making us fall in love with what is taking place.
  • BDN ft. Kevat: Soothing, inspiring and completely mesmerizing in the way it caresses us and makes us feel at home as the verses and melody connect with us with an ease that is unreal but most welcomed as we can sit down and enjoy the song fully.
  • Down and Outlaws: Indie rock with a certain old school/wild west vibe that is electrifying and so powerful as it delivers verses that hit truth in a raw passionate fashion that fills the listener with a need to stand up and speak up for the song is simply intoxicating.
  • Vian Izak: One more time Vian creates a full story in a song that easily connects with our imagination and is able to fill us up with a cinematic recreation of lyrics and melodies coming together so beautifully as pop, folk and the magic of the unknown become one.

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