Listen: “Rich and famous” by Sara Phillips

“Rich and famous” by Sara Phillips

Talented singer/songwriter Sara Phillips takes a deep look into the fantasy of riches and fame in her latest indie pop masterpiece “Rich and famous”. She explores the whole concept that some have regarding this and hits deep within the lyrics with verses like “I want to be rich and famous … I bet I will feel better then” and “…You won’t see me crying…”. She cuts through the fantasy and lays it on the ground, letting people know that money and having paparazzi follow you around won’t bring joy, fill a void or stop the tears from pouring down – it might even enhance all of this and make it more painful to take a step. Next time you fantasize about all that, ask yourself why is that more important than the simpler things and the things that actually do bring joy to you and actually matter (family, friends, health, etc).

And not only is the track masterfully written, the arrangement is truly splendid and her voice is haunting and hypnotizing – when you add all of this together you get one of those rare unicorns in music: A “perfect” song. Yes I said it, because I feel it every time I heard her singing this gem and it bring a new feeling to my senses that stirs something and allows me enjoy this song over and over without a fuss or a problem in the world. So listen and enjoy it with me! 🙂

“I wrote this song – explains Sara – about trying to navigate the music industry, the loneliness of it all, and the hope that all the sacrifices you make will one day be worth it. It’s also about how we (all of us, I believe) often think that once we get to wherever we’re trying to go, we’ll finally be ‘happy’, and how we often focus so singularly on getting there, we don’t take care of ourselves, each other and our happiness along the way. I don’t want or need to actually be rich or famous. I just want to be happy.”

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